Welcome to my Master's Thesis web site

My name is Michael Berger and I want to welcome you to my thesis presentation for my master's degree in Digital Media from Northeastern University in Boston. I have been working in user interface design for the past 15 years, 12 of them as a user interface designer and developer at MIT. For the past six years I have studied at Northeastern University towards my master's degree. This web site is the final assignment and culmination of that work.

As a user interface designer, I am interested in making complex information simple and building digital community. To explore displaying complex information about a community, I built a prototype of a map display that also shows the time events on the map occurred. In other words, I tried to map time and space in the same screen. My proof of concept is located on the Prototype tab and my description of the process, testing and results of this proof of concept can be found on the Thesis tab. Comments and questions about this work can be sent to me at mberger [at] mit.edu.