Usability Test 2 results

Tester 1

What do you see?

Buildings in Roslindale.There are locations on a map.

What do the markers show?

She moved the mouse over and saw them pop up.

What do you think the different colors of the markers means?

"The year" the event took place.

What data is interesting to look at over time and space?

Certificates of Occupancy are not interesting

time is useful to show to see if crime is increasing or decreasing (to spot trends).

Home sales would be interesting to see maybe.

Car accidents.

I did not actually pick up the color right away (unti I suggested looking at the slider).

Tester wondered "if the slider is intuitive"?

did not think the slider date range made total sense. Wanted to see some sort of "From" "To".

"I could see if you had more data and you thinking about moving back after 20 years, you could see if the neighborhood was safe now.It was safe then, is it now?"

She wants to fix the popup.

Tester 2

Describe what you see?

"It looks like finding out what is going on in the city. It shows historical data, I don't know what historical data. I did not understand what the link was between events and history.

Markers color mean what?

"The colors mean different years. I saw the key".

"I would be inclinded to know what is going on now. I did not make the connection between the header and these options. I thought it would report on data instead of Roslindale.

Aggregate data is not useful on a map.

It seems to me like the map is very important for information now. I would much more like to see the trends via a graph.

Time makes map more difficult. He suggested a pop up that would show trend graphs of the type of data the user chose (car accident trends, crime trends, etc.).

Time is not best represented on a map, in my head.Real data is best shown on a map, but time is not really a factor.

He does think that time and space together make sense in some cases. For instance, if you are trying to buy a house and they want to see the history of the area. To see crime in the past to see the trends. Looking at the map does not make me think in time.

Not interested in seeing car accidents over time, but only for the last year.
Would like to see home sales over time. The median price over time. Also to hover over an area and see information about prices.
 Building permits over time and school statistics over time.


Tester 3

So its telling me where there are occupied homes and business in roslindale.

Now I see that dark purple or black is showing me shoots fired.

Someone was killed.

It looks like there is three shades of purple.

I was looking for a pattern. The color is the date.

Now I just got 2009 and 2010 which was a period of less activity.

The slider does not go in between. Possiblly, there is that whole summer theory.

I thought that was just 2012. I wondered if the spot did not move. Oh its cumlative.

Part of what I am getting used to is the slider. I would not have even used the slider if you had not asked me.

I would have clicked on teh year, find the hyperlinks, and seen that year's data.

I think the slider is kind of interesting.

It would be nice to know the incidences in 2009, only, How many in 2010.

That was my initial thing, I thought crime was increasing, because when I slide over.

I don't think I do.

Go away (user does not like that popups stay visible).

tenant occupied versus owner occupied

scroll over an area to see which kids are in which school

snow removal over time.

in neighborhoods where I had not been before where I have thought this must be horrible during a snowstorm.

those are so narrow, one blizzasrd and I would be out of there.

census data over time would be interesting.


yes it would be interesting to see car accidents in teh last year.

there was a time when we considered making a fuss about our intersection was there a time, over the last so many years.


I feel like my gut told me a map. I would want them to see that the street widens around my house.

User 3 likes the idea of hovering and seeing trend data of the type of issue the user chose from key.

Tester 4

Plot of data on a map. Roslindale.

According to the key its certificate of occupancy.

The year of issuance or the recency of the record (color of the marker).

constrains to a smaller set of record. most recent is always is the darkest.

Looking at the data set it feels like it wants monthly.

crime definitlely is

actual structures being added.

car accidents was interesting.

property crime would definitely be another one.

property transfers, sales. potentially

services delivery to an area.

Interface we have a start and end date. Quickly narrow down to a single year. Show ranges in time. If you could show the data on a per year basis wiht one clikc, I could move trhough time and intuite trends.

Summary data in numbers/text would also help.

Click to dismiss might be fine. Worth seeing what people think of it.

Of course crime is always interesting.

Closing times (time in hours) by location.

The quality of life stuff, crime and accidents, and tehn the economic stuff, property exchanges, construction, anything that is goig to impact your own property value, thats what people are looking for.

And some summary here of what I am looking at would be nice.