Building Digital Community

There are many ways to create digital community. The way I have chosen is to give people the information they need to communicate with each other about their physical community. One type of site people have created for their physical communities is called a Community Portal. The goal of these sites is to inform and promote the community to its members and to tourists. Chicago has a series of such portals, described here:

Based on that article and several others listed below, here is a partial list of the type of content found in a Community Portal:

  1. News
  2. Schools
  3. Hospitals
  4. Churches
  5. Restaurants
  6. Parks
  7. Events
  8. Community Organizations
  9. Jobs

I posit that the more this site can match match a users impression of Roslindale, the more they are likely to understand it and use it. In addition to authentic and accurate, this site must also be up to date. Nothing dates a site more than old news, or the lack of current news.

Links and Information about building digital communities

Digital Arts Service Corp article on Community Portals:

Chicago Community Portals:

PilsenPortal get us your info page:

Paper about creating Community Portals:

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Definition of portal (has requirements):

Scholarly paper: Design considerations for community portals in master-planned developments in Australia and Mexico

Institute of Museum and Libraries Services program to push for broadband access for all (Building Digital Communities):

Their Framework for Action:

Their Getting Started Doc:

Library Sponsored Arizona Memory Project:

Student Meditation on Craiglists as a hybrid economy:

Business oriented short article on creating communities around products, has decent checklist:

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